2012/10 The Treasure Chest

Diapason n°606

The craft music label relentlessly carries on publishing out-of-copyright recordings that larger firms have deleted from their catalogue for a long time.
The French magazine (n°606) awards two Diapason d'Or.

     Diapason d'Or

2011/10 In Search of Lost Sounds

Classical Recordings Quarterly

Nick Morgan profiles the French label “Forgotten Records”

Talking to Alain Deguernel is like finding a long-lost friend. His enthousiasm is infectious and our cross-Channel telephone conversation soon descends into “Don't you think...?” and “I totally agree!”. [...]

The worldly and the other-worldly - can it get more French? Yes it can. As M. Deguernel puts it, “What I do comes from a metaphysical impulse; it's my fight against the passage of time and the ephemeral nature of music”. » more

By Classic Recordings Quarterly

2011/07 César Frank - Symphony in D minor - Le chasseur maudit

the 1950s and 1960s were something of a golden age for the Franck symphony on disc when conductors and orchestras seemed far more familiar with and sympathetic to the composer’s idiom and, as a result, more confident in their approach. » more
By MusicWeb International

2011/06 Mozart - Opera Arias - Pierrette Alarie - Léopold Simoneau - André Jouve

The French-Canadian couple Leopold Simoneau (1916–2006) and Pierrette Alarie (b. 1921) [...] left a rather large legacy of recordings, together but also individually. They had a special affinity for Mozart and all lovers of elegant stylish Mozart singing should lend an ear to this disc. » more
By MusicWeb International

2011/05 Antonio Vivaldi, Gloria - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Exsultate, Jubilate K 165

I think we’ll have to regard the present recording as a document of a performance style long ago passé. [...] When we come to Pierrette Alarie – and she is the main reason for issuing this disc – we hear truly classy singing. All the characteristics of her singing on my old LPs are there. » more
By MusicWeb International

2011/05 Enesco conducts Enesco

Enesco was primarily a violonist and a composer but he did know how to make ochestras sing. [...] This Forgotten Records CD therefore deserves much attention. » more (French)
By Souvenirs des Carpates

2010/11 From Aida to Beethoven - Beethoven Complete String Quartets, Pascal Quartet

Here's the Beethoven who obsessed Proust with great big String quartets. The Marseille-based Pascal Quartet flourished briefly in the 1950s when they recorded brilliant cycles of Beethoven for Concert Hall. » more - p.12
By The Huffington Post

2010/11 Hans Richter-Haaser, a German pianist that should not be forgotten

Great German pianist Hans Richter-Haaser (1912-1980) is one of these musicians that we now tend to underestimante, let alone forget. » more (French)
By ResMusica

2010/10 String Quintet / Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet

Forgotten Records in France continues its award winning series of Bruckner transfers with this release of the String Quintet and Intermezzo performed by the Wiener Konzerthaus Quartet (with Ferdinand Stangler). The transfers come from an Amadeo LP. » more

2010/10 Gold Mine

Classica n°126

Forgotten Records make collectors happy.

Malinin, Uninsky, Macuzinsky, Wayenberg, Levant, Bruck, Sebastian, Bour, Filpse, Adler... These names became legends, never to come out again.

By Michel Fleury


2010/09 Find Rarities

Radio France

On September 22nd, early risers had the chance to listen to Forgottern Records with Alex Taylor and Emilie Munera on France Muique (French national radio).

They first aired Spanish Capriccio by Rimsky-Korsakov, also praised by Diapason.


2010/09 No Longer Forgotten

Diapason n°583

It is quite an impossible task to go over the entire production of this independant music label - it now boasts two hundred and fifty reeditions! It is time to sort things out. The French magazine (n°583 p.93) awards three new Diapason d'Or with the direction of George Sebastian, Jean Fournet and André Cluytens

       Diapason d'Or

2010/08 Alexandre Uninsky and Willem van Otterloo, a historical collaboration

The French label Forgotten Records keeps amazing us. [...] The two featured artists made the success of the Dutch publisher: pianist Alexandre Uninsky and conductor Willem van Otterloo. » more (French)
By ResMusica

2010/06 New Find by Forgotten Records: Tchaïkovski by Hajibeyov and Šejna

Who is still familiar with the name Niyazi Hajibeyov, who can still mention his name along with the best creative musicians in his country. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica

2010/05 Georges Tzipine, a Smart Double Edition

Forgotten Records is eager to do what EMI puts off doing or quite simply disregards i.e making available to the music lover some legendary recordings by the great conductor Georges Tzipine (1907-1987). » more (French)
By ResMusica

2010/03 Paul Kletzki, a Great Conductor with Little Attention

We cannot feel grateful enough to Forgotten Records for bringing back into favour the great Swiss conductor Paul Kletzki (1900-1973). » more (French)
By ResMusica

2010/02 High Quality Historical Label

As you cannot tell from the english-sounding name Forgotten Records, this is a French music label that publishes historical recordings and we should seriously count on this new player from now on. The quality of the recordings is indeed unrivalled in France. It is well worthy of notorious professionals such as Ward Marston or Mark Obert-Thorn and it sounds a lot better than what most majors put out. » more (French)
By ResMusica

2010/01 Dvorak at Forgotten Records : Quintet, Theme and Variations

Smetana Quartet, Jan Panenka, Josef Pálenícek ; music lovers obviously know the name of these performers who greatly contributed to serving their country and promoting its music. Forgotten Records has made a well-advised move in pulling them out from Supraphon's catalogue. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica


2009/09 Forgotten Treasures

Diapason n°572

The French magazine Diapason (n°572 p.89) dedicates a full page to reviewing over fifteen Forgotten Records releases. It awards its highest distinctions (Diapason d'Or) to three records featuring Volkmar Andreae, Devy Erlih and Eduard Flipse:

       Diapason d'Or

2009/10 Dvorak's Suite and Symphonic Variations at Forgotten Records

Forgotten Records (fr 244) gives a second life to the vision of the obscure Alois Klima who recorded Antonín Dvorak's Czech Suite in 1957 with the Czech Philharmonic. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica

2009/08 Koeckert Quartet and Jochum

One of the legendary recordings of Bruckner's String Quintet is one by the Koeckert quartet in 1952 on DG. It is now on the small French label Forgotten Records, which has already been distinguished with several carefully digitized editions of old LPs. » more (German)
By Bruckner Diskografie

2009/07 French Symphonic Music in Prague

A recent issue allows you to listen to Edouard Lalo and Cesar Franck by the best two Bohemia orchestras. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica

2009/04 Karel Šejna conducts Mahler and Dvorak

Forgotten Records continue to rehabilitate the discographic legacy of Karel Šejna with two new CDs. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica

2009/03 Rarities from Prague at Forgotten Records

The young label Forgotten Records gives a second life to historical recordings that have sunk into oblivion. » more (French)
By Musica Bohemica

2009/02 Pierre Froment Schumann and Brahms

Piano Bleu reviews two of Pierre Froment's releases on Forgotten Records along with an interview of the pianist. You may also enjoy listening to both CDs online. » more (French)
By Piano Bleu